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As Northlakes Salvation Army, we support the Red Shield Appeal. The Red Shield Appeal is a yearly appeal aimed at raising money for the work the Salvation Army does locally here in Australia.

"Australians have been through a testing time recently. Events of the past year have resulted in widespread unemployment and financial instability, and amplified existing social issues like never before. Countless Aussies – many for the first time – are reaching out to us for support.

We continue to provide services to individuals and families doing it tough, knowing that we are now needed more than ever.
To ensure that the harmful impacts of the past year’s events do not have a long-lasting effect on the most vulnerable in our communities, we need your help."

If you would like to contribute to Northies goal in the Red Shield Appeal, you can scan the QR code below

RSA QR.jpg
RSA Web.jpg

If you would like to host your own fundraising goal for Northlakes you can tap this button and make a profile

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